Forensic Accounting – CSI of Accounting Jobs

Forensic accounting is one of the fastest growing areas of accounting jobs in the market today. This specialized area is interesting and dynamic, and provides unlimited opportunities for the next few decades.

Forensic accountants work in two primary areas, investigative accounting and litigation support. Investigative accounting encompasses not just the numbers and documents of a company, but the business environment as well. Forensic accountants investigate the financial operations of an enterprise and prepare information that may be used in a criminal or civil court case. Forensic accountants provide investigative services or provide support for litigation.

Forensic accountants will often spend time at the business they are investigating, collecting and analyzing financial data. Most of this analysis is done on the computer, so good computer skills and knowledge of software is essential to this position. The forensic accountant will collect evidence and documentation that may be used in a courtroom proceeding, and will prepare reports to be used the management of the company being investigated, parties to the litigation or law enforcement agencies. Often, the forensic accountant will be required to testify in court or provide depositions as to their findings.

Forensic accountants are employed by a variety of companies and agencies. Many law enforcement agencies have forensic accountants on staff to assist with criminal investigations. Often, these accountants follow the money trail to help track and prosecute a criminal. Many CPA firms have forensic accountants on staff, and more firms are specializing in forensic accounting to assist with shareholder and partnership disputes, business loss, fraud or employee theft investigations and professional negligence issues. Other forensic accountants work for or with insurance companies to investigate business interruption and other types of claims. Forensic accountants routinely work for or with law enforcement agencies, lawyers, insurance companies, business owners and government agencies.

About 40% of the top 100 accounting firms in the United States now have a forensic accounting department, and the field is expected to be one of the top 20 job markets in the next few years. How do you become a forensic accountant? A bachelor’s degree in accounting is required, and most are already certified public accountants (CPA’s). Additional coursework in areas like law enforcement and criminal justice is usually required, and some legal training is helpful. You may want to pursue a accreditation as a certified fraud examiner (CFE) from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. This is a nationally recognized accreditation similar to the CPA designation.

Entry salaries in this field range from upwards of $30,000 to $60,000, but experienced forensic accountants often exceed $100,000 per year and more.
So, if you are looking for a lucrative, interesting job with plenty of upward mobility, consider forensic accounting. With almost unlimited growth for the next few decades, it’s an accounting job with great potential.

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Where to Find Training Information in Network Marketing

There is a wealth of information for network marketing consultants available; you just need to know what to look for and where to find it.

Check your local bookstore. In the business section, I’ve found several books on network marketing and owning your own business.

In addition, I’ve always enjoyed reading books on leadership. There are several wonderful authors. One of my favorites is John Maxwell. He has several books on the market. I’ve not read all of them but each one I’ve read I’ve ended up recommending to others.

Check online for network marketing forums. There are two that I’m a member of that are network marketing discussions only. There are also forums for home businesses in general and home party plans.

Find an ezine directory. You’ll find several ezines on network marketing and home businesses. Search out other business related topics such as marketing and branding and read a few ezines on those topics as well.

Look at article directories. You’ll find articles such as this one, written by many different authors on a wide variety of topics relating to network marketing.

Look at everything your company puts out. Many companies put out a distributor only company magazine. Those magazines often include product information and distributor success stories.

Companies also often have training materials. There materials are sometimes written documents and sometimes DVDs.

I’ve found some wonderful demo videos on YouTube. I’ve loved the videos showing the products and how to use them. I’ve gotten lots of ideas from watching these total strangers representing the same company I do.

Watch for industry seminars in your town or in neighboring towns. I’ve attended several seminars and workshops over the years. There are several trainers out there and each one offers something a bit different in their presentations.

Find industry conference calls. Many companies and/or uplines offer training calls. If your company or upline does not offer training calls, search online for trainers who offer network marketing training calls and join in . Often the calls are free, less the cost of the long distance phone call. With so many free training calls being offered, I’d hold off on paying for training calls until you know exactly what training you’re willing to pay for.

Make it a point to invest at least 10 minutes per day reading, watching or taking part in a discussion. You’ll find that your business will continue to grow as you learn more and put those teachings into action.

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Should You Join a New Network Marketing Company?

I read ads daily that say, “get in on the ground floor.” The ad poster then goes on to say if you don’t join now, you’ll be left out in the cold.

I see businesses shut their doors every single month. These businesses range from small mom and pop retail stores to giant chains. I’ve also seen a lot of network marketing companies never even make it past “pre-launch” mode.

I am very aware that every new company must start at day one. I’m also aware that each of these companies had distributors on day one.

If you are going to consider joining a start-up company, there are several things I suggest you consider:

1. Research the owners. Who is putting their money behind this company and what is their background?

2. What has been the pattern of other companies offering the product line this new start-up company is offering? Is the market saturated? Is the product a fad product that will be gone in 2 years time? Is the product a consumable product or a luxury product?

3. If the company is being started by “friends” have you researched how many companies have succeeded where “friends” began the company? There is a phrase, “don’t mix business and pleasure”. That phrase has more merit than most other common phrases.

4. What will you do if the company does not make it? Do you have a backup plan? Will this closure affect your reputation and credibility?

5. When you join a start-up company, no one will have heard of the company. What type of marketing plan do you have to educate others about this new company?

6. What types of marketing materials are available from this new company? Marketing is the lifeline of any business. I’ve seen new businesses start and they didn’t even have a catalog available. It’s very difficult to sell products without the benefit of a catalog.

The statistics I’ve read say, “90% of new network marketing businesses fail in their first year, and 90% of the remaining 10% fail in their second year.” When you work the numbers, this means that out of 100 new start-up companies, only one will be left after two years. Are you willing to take this chance?

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Six Ingredients For Your Direct Marketing Success

There are Six Key Ingredients lurking inside of your prospect’s mind at all times. You must know what these are, know that they exist and be prepared to satisfy them if you want people to buy anything from YOU. So let’s analyze how and why people buy..

First Ingredient:

People coming online to try to make money are looking for great business opportunities. And when they find one then the buying decision becomes obvious to them. However, whom they choose to buy from is not as obvious and quite a different matter altogether.

Usually people will buy from those they know and trust.

When you finally understand this concept, you will be more than halfway there. Now let’s expand upon this further…

Second Ingredient:

The next question is how to get the people to know and to trust you.

Well, first you must try to create an online presence very quickly. This can happen. In fact, done correctly it can be achieved within 1 – 2 weeks! (I’ll throw in some tips along the way in this article).

Third Ingredient:

Most people coming online to learn how to market and make money are information junkies and they just can’t get enough. It’s like when you yourself came online and were searching for information: the articles, the blogs, you just couldn’t get enough.

Well give them what they are looking for! Give them the information and content that they are Googling for and present it in such a way that it is not too sales-y or hype-y. Do not flaunt your cars and your cash (real or otherwise).

Give them information on how to find a good sponsor, on what to look for in a business, give them the information on the products and the services. In this fashion, they will be more likely to stay and to bond with you.

One way to get yourself out there quickly is to build a presence using social bookmarking and networking sites, such as: this is a social site that can get you online quickly without having to build a website from scratch. this is a bit more formal and business like. It is also more accepting of business and sales pitches. this is a great place to deliver content. Most marketers would advise you avoid a heavy sales pitch on your blogs. this is another blogging platform with greater add in features, like widgets which will come in handy for optimizing and getting people to interact and build loyalty.

One more item deserves mention. There are software programs available (like friendblasterpro) which help you to invite people on myspace to join you as a ‘friend’. Look for people with similar interests to yours and invite them to be open and receptive contacts for getting information from you.

Fourth Ingredient:

You must remember this one simple fact about human nature: People buy on emotions and then defend their buy with logic.

All of your social networking sites should warm the reader up to you. However, when it comes to sending this reader to a pre-sell site that covers your business opportunity or affiliate product or service, then your sale piece comes into action.

Your sales piece must always be written from the reader’s perspective because the reader only cares about how they will benefit.

So write from the benefits angle and sprinkle in some exceptional features in bullet point form further into your ad copy. That is a secondary thing.

You can get lots more copywriting tips and help by signing up to receive my marketing newsletter (i give you the link at the end of this article).

Fifth Ingredient:

When your prospect is considering joining a business, their main concern (as was yours) is choosing to join that business with one particular KEY person. Just remember that they have already decided on the business opportunity, and now they are simply “Sponsor Shopping”.

They will need to know what they can expect to get from one particular sponsor over another. So answer the questions in their head.

“What’s in it for me?” and, “Why should I buy it from you?”

Keep these at the forefront of everything that you write and always try to answer these underlying questions in your ad copy and promotional information.

Sixth Ingredient:

Understand that the biggest fear that any new person coming online has when joining a business is the fear of abandonment or of being left orphaned trying to figure it all out on their own.

One caveat to consider when you are boasting about your business and your sponsorship is: “Never market negatively.” In other words, it is best to not bash your opponent, nor use a negative mind set like “Is This a Scam?” in your promotional angles.

Yes. We all know that people tend to gravitate to the negative as a flaw in human nature; however, you do not want to associate your business opportunity with anything negative. Not even if you turn it around and give a glowing recommendation of the business in the end. This is phoney and smart people read right through you.

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Network Marketing Success – Are Your Testimonials Reversed?

You’re looking for a new restaurant to try. You ask a friend and she says “I just love this new Italian place on 5th Avenue. It’s got all my favorites.” She tell you the name of the place and gives a hearty endorsement. That’s a pretty good testimonial.

But there’s ANOTHER kind of testimonial, too. Superstar sales coach Jeffrey Gitomer calls it a “reverse” testimonial.

You’re looking for a new restaurant to try. You ask a friend and he says “Anywhere but that new Chinese place on 3rd Avenue. YUCK! It’s HORRIBLE!” He then tells you about how unsanitary the place is, how bad the food was, and the rudeness of the wait staff. That’s a reverse testimonial.

Any salesman worth their salt will offer you stories from satisfied customers. These testimonials sell the product better than anything the salesman could say because it’s a third party endorsement. It’s someone else’s word about the power of the product or service and their level of satisfaction therewith.

Do you have testimonials? Not just for your product or service, but for YOU. As network marketing professionals, we need to be able to stand our in the crowd from every other rep in our company. The best way to do that is to create name recognition for yourself so that when someone says your name someone else says “I know them!” or better yet “I know them! They’re the BEST!”

What are people saying about you? Do you get cards, letters and thank-you’s from past hostesses, guests and customers? If you do, are you saving them? Consider putting together a little “brag book” of customer comments – include pictures if you can. If you’ve got a website, add these elements to your page. Heck, in this day and age adding video and audio to your site are inexpensive and deliver a powerful impact. You’d be amazed at how little positive comments not only boost yourself esteem, but your credibility in the business world.

What? You mean you DON’T have testimonials? Why not? Start asking for them!

An easy approach to take is to start with family/friends and ask them what some of your strengths are. Then build on that by approaching your best hostesses and customers and ask them why they do business with you. We’ve talked about getting feedback before, and I can’t stress the importance enough. It’s crucial to your success to know how you are perceived in the marketplace. Once you have feedback, ask your best customers and hostesses for written recommendations, or testimonials. Gitomer suggests that you video tape them when possible for maximum effectiveness.

If you’re reluctant to ask for personal testimonials, you can ALWAYS ask for product testimonials. Ask your customers at each party to share what their favorite item is and why. Have THEM promote your products as much as possible during the party. When other guests hear glowing testimonials about your products from someone other than YOU, they are more likely to believe it – especially if it is one of their close friends making the recommendation.

If it’s your very first party and you know absolutely no one, draw on product testimonials from your training group or product manual. I’ve talked about keeping a list of those kinds of things handy, and then memorizing a few key testimonials about your top sellers. Being able to tell your customers why other people (like THEM) are buying your products will help your customers not only relate to your product, but also help convince them that you are there to help them make an affirmative buying decision that is in their best interests.

If you’re getting REVERSE testimonials, you need serious help – and FAST. Start by being more friendly. It sounds trite, but it’s true: people don’t care what you know until they know that you care – about THEM.

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How to Use Article Marketing to Bring in Big Traffic Online

Article marketing is one of the easiest ways to jumpstart your internet marketing traffic generation. One of the things I really like about article marketing is how targeted is the traffic I get from it, and that is huge for me. With article marketing, you are already beginning the relationship before you get started with the email campaign – so you don’t have to start by building a relationship in the email campaign, you can just build on the one built in the article marketing phase.

Here’s how you can jumpstart your article marketing effective ways:

1. Study the effective ways of writing intriguing titles. This is one of the primary things that you must to do in order to explode your open rate. You must to study how to write titles that can interest web people so you can get this web traffic to open and read your articles. You may use ideas, words that can motivate to take action, and you can even use new information to get the attention you desire. Just make positive that all the information you provide up to your internet readers is right so you will not mislead them.

2. Get incredible writings. Get more web people to read your articles and radically improve their situations of being distributed by having confidence that they are of better quality. They must be loaded chock full of the most useful information, web articles must be well-written, and highly targeted to the satisfaction, knowledge and demands of your potential readers, and they must easy to read. Moreover, they must be direct, concise, and direct to the point as you are serving potential customers with tight attention span.

3. Get to understand well your potential prospects. This is something that is relevant in this field. You must get to know the traffic you are making your articles and writings for to simply make your online content relevant and exactly targeted to their needs and what they need. I might think that you invest at least a a few hours or at least a few minutes a day learning with this online traffic source through online methods and other methods.

4. Do online research. This is one top technique to discover the subjects or other important information that your possible buyers are hunting for. Locate a keyword suggestion tool and find the important keywords that are most being searched by your best customers when they go searching on the internet. You can produce articles around these most critical keywords so you can most easily offer your readers what they truly hope for.

5. Use a powerful bio and resource box. Convert more readers to potential customers by creating an efficient and directed resource box and bio. In this area, you can communicate your expertise, your desire to help, the challenges you can solve, and the reasons why they should use your service. Be sure to include in your bio your website’s URL, a good call to action, and an effective reason to act.

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Key to Financial Planning – Learn How to Create Extra Income With Self-Directed Learning

In these crazy days in which the economy seems to go haywire, all of us have witnessed how fallible the financial systems we have trusted in are in reality.

In some way or other it has affected almost everybody’s financial situation and has added additional stress to our lives and families, especially in the area of financial security.

Maybe it is time to consider creating an additional stream of income apart of the monthly salary. The economic situation has proven once again, that we cannot rely on what others will do with our money. It’s time to start getting an education that will allow us to manage it by ourselves.

And there is no better place to start than by taking a daily block of time to learn through self-directed learning. It will allow you to learn according to your own individual schedule, pace and current level of knowledge.

Self-directed learning will help you gradually achieve a daily increase in your knowledge in any given area of your choice. Practiced in a consistent manner it can impact your financial future for years to come.

By implementing a block of one to two hours of study and research each day, you can become a successful real estate investor, a stock market trader, an internet marketer, or whatever other financial area you choose to study, in a period of a year or two.

You could create residual income while still working on a full time job. And who knows? As time goes by and you are consistent in increasing in knowledge and experience, you might even become financially free. It will take time and effort, but it is possible. Many have done it, why not you?

Just ask yourself this question: in a year from now, where do you want to be? Do you still want to be a hundred percent dependent on your salary? Or would you like to be well on your way of earning some extra income each month?

You can make a change in your life today. Self-directed learning is a guaranteed, low cost and powerful tool to create extra income. I’d like to invite you to go for it! Visit [] for tips and tools for successfully developing your talents by creating and growing in your own learning process. Learn how to teach yourself in my FREE e-book: “The Power of Self-Directed Learning”, and my FREE e-course: “Seven Steps to Consistently Change Your Life.”

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How to Market With Facebook

Perhaps you are the owner of an up and coming business that provides services or products to consumers. If this describes you then you are probably looking for a new and interesting way to market. There are many options out there, but one of the most popular places to market is on the Internet. If your business is one that is directed toward college age people of today then Facebook might be an incredible option for you. This is especially true if you are looking to add a personal touch to your products or services. Facebook is one of the largest online communities that serves all walks of life, however it is the youth of the world that favor it the most. Be certain that you are comfortable putting a personal spin on your business, as well as directing your products toward younger crowds before you start.

If this seems like your type of advertising, this article will help you discover the best ways to market with Facebook. The first and most important step will be creating your profile. Facebook frowns upon constant advertising, so the profile will have to be yours, with a business spin on it. When creating your profile take advantage of all that Facebook has to offer. Post photos of your products or of you at your business. On your headline make sure to place a remark stating that you invite all people to add you as a friend as well as check out your products. This should make them feel at home right away on your page. Building up a friend base on your page is key in successfully marketing. The more friends you have, the more your business will be seen and your Facebook page will be visited. The number of hits your page receives each day will be crucial in your marketing triumphs. Always remember to keep your profile clean of childish and incriminating images or postings that may turn off potential clients.

The next thing you will want to do when marketing with Facebook will be to update your profile and update it often! Facebook has a wonderful feature called the newsfeed. The newsfeed allows all of your friends to see when you have added something to your profile and directly links to it. If you update and post often this will certainly bring more visitors to your page. They do not have to be huge, just a photo, or an update about your latest product. It is honestly irrelevant what you actually post, it is just important that the people are driven to your profile. You will also want to take advantage of Facebook groups and events. By starting a Facebook group you are essentially giving yourself a second profile that draws attention. You can in a sense start as many groups as you wish, whether they are for individual products or your services. The more people that join the groups the better, and the creation of the group will show up on the newsfeed. The events act in the same way, only you are inviting people to actual events, getting them involved in your business.

There are many more ways that Facebook can help you to market and promote your business no matter what it may be. Just remember that too much posting on wonderful areas such as the Facebook Marketplace will be considered spam and before you know it, your account will be deleted. That of course is the exact opposite of what you want to do! Keep a clean and classy profile with plenty of images fun and serious. Post new updates and photos daily no matter what, that will be crucial in getting more traffic to your profile. There are also other options out there for marketing on Facebook so don’t be afraid to check out what other businesses are doing. If you stick to all of these simple suggestions you will have great success marketing with Facebook!

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Self Directed IRA Rollovers – What Are They? Why Would You Bother?

Self directed IRA rollovers. Are your eyes glazing over already? Too hard and don’t want to know? If you’re setting up a self directed IRA you will probably need to know what a self directed IRA rollover is, and now is a good time to start.

And don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you may think.

Simply speaking, a self directed IRA rollover is a transfer of assets from a tax deferred retirement program directing those assets into your own personally managed IRA, or Individual Retirement Account. Setting up a self directed IRA isn’t that difficult, and has some major advantages.

(A self directed IRA is a trust that lets you take control over the investing of your own retirement funds rather than leaving it in the hands of an IRA custodian that may be concerned with directing your funds towards their own investments rather than getting the best return possible for you.)

The important part of a self directed IRA rollover relates to tax. If your retirement funds are in a tax deferred program like a 401(k), for example, a rollover allows you to transfer those funds to your self managed IRA tax free. This preserves your tax free status for your retirement funds but allows you to transfer into a different account like a self managed IRA.

Here’s 3 major advantages of rolling over your retirement funds.

Firstly, as mentioned, it preserves the tax free status of your retirement funds. Lets say, for example, you have your retirement funds in your own IRA now, and are currently eligible to receive your benefits. If you elect to take those benefits that attracts tax. But if you would rather rollover those funds to avoid attracting the tax, you are allowed to do so, by means of an IRA rollover.

So if you’re in a financial position to defer taking your retirement benefits there are good reasons to rollover your IRA. It avoids tax now, and why pay tax now if you don’t need to?

Secondly, if you opt for a rollover of your account, it allows you to continue with your investment plans and to grow your retirement assets until you do need those retirement funds, later in life, when your pension will be needed. You control when you need to take your funds, and only attract tax once you need to use the funds, and keep growing your investments in the meantime, tax free.

And the third reason for an IRA rollover is where you have your retirement funds with a tax deferred retirement program now, like an employer sponsored plan, and want to rollover those funds into an IRA trust like a self directed IRA for the purposes of directing your own investments.

There are good reasons to direct your own investments by setting up a self directed IRA. For example a real estate investment is about the best IRA investment, and with control of your own IRA you can invest your retirement funds in real estate. With a traditional IRA your range of possible investment options is often extremely limited, but setting up your own self directed IRA gives you control you wouldn’t otherwise have on the type of investment options available to you.

(Surprisingly, even in the current disastrous real estate market there are still some fantastic IRA real estate investments available, if you know where.)

Although the basic principles of IRA rollovers are simple, the details can be more complex, and you need to consult your tax advisor to find out the details.

So don’t let your eyes glaze over when your financial advisor starts to talk about a self directed IRA rollover. There are good reasons to set up a self directed IRA, and although the details of the process might be difficult, the reasons to do so are sound.

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Recession Marketing Survival Guide

For months on end economists and talking heads argued whether we were in a recession or not. Now in 2009, most analysts are saying this global slowdown is a once in a century economic meltdown. Major ad agencies and advertising buyers have the benefit of think tanks and committees to decide how to react to the economy, but what about small businesses? Most small businesses have personal or family income tied to and depending on weathering the hurricane of poor economic news.

Many articles on recession marketing begin something like, “you should increase your marketing in times of a recession…” But the tacit reaction now is “oh yeah, how?” “How do I keep marketing with decreasing revenue? I barely had enough money before the economic downturn.” The answer: make careful and shrewd adjustments. Don’t just worry about your business-ACT. Act with discipline and meticulous attention to detail. This article will get you started.

Action Plan.

One – Google AdWords. Even with a modest budget, the upside potential here is superior. People are already searching for your goods or services when they see your ad. The filtering process of internet search gives you a great opportunity to capture a qualified potential client. Google has the broadest reach and generally costs the least. Go with best-of breed. From auto parts dealers to real estate agents and all points in between -what many insiders are saying is that they are cutting back on TV, print, and Yellow Page ads and actually increasing their AdWords push, because it gives them the most bang for the buck. Want even more validation? Look no further than Google’s October, 2008 and January, 2009 earnings reports. They not only hit the ball out of the park, but they knocked the cover off the ball. There is a reason why Google is growing while virtually everyone else’s growth is suspended until the economy gets stronger.

Please note: First-timers should become familiar with bidding strategies and keyword usage so that you can hit the ground running. There are many free resources available on the Internet. As with all marketing strategies, the more knowledgeable you are-the higher success-rate you will have. Read between the lines-like anything, you can waste your money if you don’t know what you are doing. Make sure your website is ready to receive guests and convert them into customers. The last thing you want to do is advertise a weak website.

Two – Partnerships. Look for high quality strategic partnerships with other relevant businesses. Make sure that this is a win-win situation and that you have equal incentive to refer good customers. Be wary of companies contacting you for referral programs. Take time develop lasting strategic partnerships.

Three – Negotiate Advertising. According to “Advertising Age” the price of advertising is going down by some 4%. Advertisers are worried about the recession, too. When you advertise in print or on the web look for good deals and if you don’t see them, try to negotiate a better deal for yourself.

Four – Web Links. Continue to find directories and relevant websites where you can post a link to your website. This will help increase your web rankings and Internet exposure (boost your SEO).

Five – Printing. Don’t let the cost of printing stop you from creating brochures, direct mail pieces or other marketing collateral. You must continue to spread the word. Search online for discount printers, some even offer 10% off for new customers. Don’t know who to trust? Just email Momentum 18 and we’ll give you a list. You can get A LOT of printing done very cheaply.

Six – Advertising. This could be as simple as a small web button that goes to a special landing page on your website or as ambitious as a trade magazine advertising campaign. Try not to create “a who we are ad.” Instead, offer an incentive, a reason for the potential consumer TO ACT. Make sure to emphasize THE VALUE of your offerings. People will be drawn to the lowest price in a recession, but they will also be convinced by quality goods or services for their money.

Seven – Gratitude. Take extra care of your existing clients. Let your loyal customers know how much you appreciate their business. Tell them directly. If budget allows, create “Thank You” packages or incentives for your loyal customer base.

Eight – Find New Clients. Spend some time focusing on the clients that may not have been the ideal in thriving times. If you can piece together a number of small revenue streams, then you add value to your bottom line. Expand your reach, both geographic and capabilities.

Nine – Quality. When many people begin in the stock market, they pay “investor tuition.” They lose money trying to make quick profits. Warren Buffett made his billions by investing in Quality and Value. You should do the same. Quality printing, advertising, marketing, and design are essential. Your branding and marketing should not take a hit just because money is tight. Confucius says “cheap man travel road twice” (once to pay cheaply and once to get it done over again properly). The cheap route can be costly.

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